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Silk Throw - One-of-a-Kind - The Provence

Price: $495.00
Item Number: TH154

We are fed up.  As we shop for the little ones in our lives, we are jealous beyond all repair.  Why do they get all the cool stuff?!  It's not fair! (stomp!)

So to right that wrong, we have commissioned a very limited line of throws, suitable for kids OR grown-ups! 

Revel in the sweet, "carefree, childish days that were as long as twenty are now!"

Front: 100% Cotton
Back: Minky (the softest fabric you'll ever real mink, but we wouldn't do that!)
Measures: 51" x 44"
Trim on each end

Comes complete with the Hyena label to show you really are as cool as your friends had suspicioned!

All throws are one-of-a-kind!

2 Decades of our Silk Throw Creations 

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