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Glens of Antrim Collection - Brown & Copper

Price: $79.99
Item Number: EMD133


Embroidered flowers flung far and wide onto silk dupioni.

Content: 100% Silk
Horizontal Repeat:  7.75"
Vertical Repeat:  7.5"
Width: 54"

There are nine major glens (green valleys) of Northern Ireland, each of which has a character of its own.  From north to south, they are:

Glenarm (Glen of the Army)
Glencloy (Glen of the Hedges)
Glenariff (Ploughman's Glen -- Queen of the Glens)
Glenballyeamon (Edwardstown Glen)
Glenaan (Glen of the Rush Lights)
Glencorp (Glen of Slaughter)
Glendun (Glen of the Dun River or Brown Glen)
Glenshesk (Glen of Sedges or Reeds)
Glentaisie (Taisie's Glen -- princess of Rathlin Island, according to legend)

Together they form a surreal 80-mile long coastline of rivers, waterfalls, forests, peat bogs, grasslands, churches and castles.

But 150 years ago, the Glens' remoteness was intimidating.  Rushing rivers divided the land from west to east and the inland track from Cushendun to Ballycastle crossed Loughareerma, 'the vanishing lake'.  The mysterious lake was empty one day and full of water the next.  Coach horses and their passengers often entered this lake never to return.

As ever, the Irish are great storytellers and the Glens are full of myths and legends, many of which tell of The Wee Folk, spotted on the darkest nights in the glens, especially around Lurigethan Mountain and Tiveragh Hills.  They're very crafty and particularly protective of the Fairy Thorn (skeogh).  Why, once a farmer cut down a skeogh and his wife was paralyzed and unable to speak for thirty years!  As you can imagine, Fairy Thorns are very well respected in the Glens and we doubt you'll find any farmers cutting them down these days.

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