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Narnia Collection - Taupe

Price: $89.99
Item Number: TSS088

Medium weight satin silk - striped and textured.

Content: 100% Satin Silk
Horizontal Repeat:  6.75"
Stripes:  4.5" wide
Width: 54"

In the 1940's, my Grandmother guided my dad and his seven siblings through the process of constructing a clay tennis court in a pecan orchard deep in rural Georgia.  The image of canvas tennis shoes, white tee shirts, traded ground strokes, and lemonade down a country road has made many things possible for me through the years.  When our Daddy read us The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe as children, I had no problem understanding how Lucy, Edmund, Susan and Peter could walk through the back of a wardrobe and into a wonderland.  Indeed, my Dad had come from one.  As the years went by the only remaining testament to that ancient tennis court and those magical summer days was the old steel roller propped at the base of a pecan tree, not unlike a wardrobe with a room of its own.  It had been crudely designed to smooth and pack the clay before each match.  Unlike Lucy's and the others' wardrobe, I never touched the roller, for fear I would lose something instead of finding it.  I went back recently and found the roller gone altogether.  But like Narnia, the roller, my memories, even those happy afternoons will all be restored when Aslon comes.

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