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Gail Single Bracket

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Agustin Colors:
Price: From $50.96 to $69.16

Gail Resin Bracket

These brackets can be painted to match your other drapery pieces for a complete look.

Fits 2" Wooden Drapery Pole.

Rod Size Overall L X W Return Clearance
2" 6 1/2" x 5 1/2" 4 3/8" 3"

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Choose from 5 fabulous shades!
Dark Walnut Mahogany Gold Antique Gold
Light Walnut Iridescent Pearl  

Swatches & Coordinating Fabrics

Emma Ring
Price From $16.80 to $21.84
James Ring
Price From $16.80 to $21.84
Lancelot Ring
Price From $16.80 to $21.84
Reeded Wood Drapery Pole
Price From $26.95 to $1,164.79
Smooth Wood Drapery Pole
Price From $23.10 to $1,070.15

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