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Sno-Cone Collection - Wild Cherry

Price: $44.99
Item Number: ORG001


Solid Silk Organza.

Content: 100% Silk Organza
Width: 54"

History suggests that sno-cones have been around since the first century.  We were shocked by that.  But we far prefer personal history.  Why we know some girls who had sno-cones at the back of an ice cream truck on Evergreen Drive in Macon, Georgia in 1950.  We know a pair of Louis that enjoyed them on the streets of Toronto in 1962.  Another friend of ours still dreams of the sand-stuck trolleys passing out granitas to the noise of a bell, in the summer sun on the shores of the Adriatic in 1957.  We know a little leaguer whose favorite flavor was grape in 1977.  And we know one forward-looking Sally Jane that spurned the sno-cone for a distant cousin, the Coca-Cola flavored Icee in the early 80's.  And, we know three little boys, 4, 6 and 8, with wonderful vocabularies, that for Christmas this year need to let the older Hyenas know what a sno-cone still tastes like to a child.

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