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Sunset Strip Penthouse Collection - Parrot Green

Price: $89.99
Item Number: SV011


Soft & Distressed Silk Velvet with Backing.

Content: 22% Silk; 78% Rayon
Width: 54"

The Marlboro Man is gone. The transplanted palms stretch to the skies but can't escape movie moguls' exhaust from Benzes and bubbles of cell phone hot air. Convertibles release inflated egos and John Tesh hair into the twilight breeze. Wide-wheeled Porsches rip the pavement like desert hares, bottom out and bound away toward Laurel Canyon. Chateau Marmont. Greenblatts. Laugh at the next corner. Facades. Things are not what they seem. If you really want to see a star, stick your head out of the window at the next red light, and look to the heavens. Say "cheese" if you turn left on yellow. The Marlboro Man didn't ride into the sunset; he was taken down with a crane. The only thing good about The Strip is that for a few minutes everyday, you're actually even with the sunset. Colored and layered like bolts of velvet, it feels as if you can actually drive your car into the sun, close encounters of the real kind: a glance at the reality of God's hand, held over the cliffs of the West. That horizon, for all its scripts and makeup and lights, Hollywood has never touched, even though it sees it just before every night.

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