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Vintage Advertising Cloth Tote Bag - Cereal - Reversible

Price: $69.99
Item Number: VI-TO-Cereal

Why vintage?  Because some things are too good to let go of.  And like David Brent says, "A good idea, is a good idea FOREVER!"

We have commissioned a limited edition line of handmade, double layered, reversible tote bags featuring the artwork of vintage advertising from France, Italy, Spain, Germany, South and North America. 

This delicious reversible cloth tote bag features vintage advertising for cereals from the 70's including Frosted Flakes, Wheaties, Alpha-bits, Captain Crunch, Rice Crispies, Sugar Crisps, Sugar Pops, Quisp, Trix and more.

The reverse side is blue and white cotton stripe.

You'll be the coolest on in the grocery store every time!

Made exclusively for HYENA only once a year, these always sell out fast.  Save yourself some time and order 2 the first time!  

17" wide x 15" deep.

2 Decades of our Silk Throw Creations 

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