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My parents were visiting LA this Fourth of July.  My daddy and I always get up early and walk around the Hollywood Hills and then down onto the Sunset Strip.  We have a dream grocery store here -- used to be called Chalet Bristol Farms but not much has changed.  It's no secret to locals, and celebrity sightings are not uncommon. 

This Saturday my daddy was paying for our coffee and croissants.  It was early -- eight o'clock.  I'd run out of the house without even looking in the mirror.  My back was to our register -- staring at the man at the next checkout.  Just staring.  Like you do when you're half-asleep and forget you're not alone.  Taking the liberty of looking, like you do at the coffee pot as you wait.  Thinking how this man fit the profile for me.  He's tired too -- he's lived a long time already.  He's had experiences.  He's got the look I look for.  He looks like...oh...he's staring back now.  

Reality is car-crash slow sometimes.  

I took the two steps over to him and reached in his pocket for his hand.  He let me.  I hugged him.  He was absolutely silent through all of this.  Smiling but not a word.  

My daddy was waiting outside the door.  "Who was that?"

Christopher Walken is hard to talk about.  I think I like him for the same reason I like my aunt, Helen.  He doesn't care how things are supposed to be done.  He's inventing as he goes along.  And the results of that kind of living are beautiful and unorthodox.  

He has never seen a basketball or a football game in his life.  When he was sixteen he joined a traveling circus and became a lion tamer.  He's a dancer.  A painter.  A chef.  A writer.  A husband.  A lover of cats.  An Oscar-winning actor.  He's not scary or weird.  He just not like anyone else.


On his pauses in speech:"I'm thinking about something else. I think what that could be is that I suddenly get fixated on something and it interrupts my conversation. I'm basically interested in what I'm doing, but something will happen and I get distracted. But that's what actors are supposed to be like - they're supposed to be a little like kids, you know? They say you're not supposed to be distracted as an actor. But distraction is good. It means you're paying attention to what's going on - the way kids are. I love the way kids are. They'll talk to you and then they go... (stares distractedly away into space). It's like - next! It's a very good way to be. Especially for an actor."

"I think early on I got some sort of a self-destructive ball rolling, I think from the beginning there's been something off-centre: the way I looked, the paleness, a kind of exoticness. Certainly, the jobs that I get justify that. They say that everybody gets dealt a hand, and it has to do with how you play it. 

I got dealt a good hand. I think I played it very well. It's not like I was Mozart and then I frittered away my talent. I think what I started with was modest and I think I played it well."

"I enjoy being recognized, If I walk around in New York and nobody recognizes me, I get depressed. And then somebody will yell 'Hey Chris!' from a truck or something, and then I'll feel much better. It goes up and down like that. So sometimes I stay home just because I'm afraid nobody will recognize me."

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