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Dear Purveyors of Luxury,

I feel my chances to live The Hyena Life slipping away like rain off an armadillo.  Is my ambition in vain? The Hyena Life....Italian sofas covered in the kind of silk your rump slides off. Chairs so cosseted in Giverny Coral that you must keep a small rifle at hand in case someone's visiting pet schnauzer decides to make a leap for it. Window treatments more costly than spa treatments at the Golden Door.  Lustrous striped silks so extraordinary that no one under the age of 26 will dare enter the room without paper booties on their Asics.  To never again be asked to host a cookie exchange ("You understand--we can't get grease on the Italian silk brocade.")  To revel in the kind of opulence that asserts, "My trust fund blows yours to hell."  That's what I want.  Just give me the chance--for once-- to own upholstery worth swooning over,  dupioni that sneers at Scotchgard, fabrics that make every garment in my wardrobe resemble used paper towels at the Greyhound Bus Station.  No more Pottery Barn!   Kick IKEA to the curb. Just pile on custom designer throws I'd chloroform my mother for, with dangly beaded trim that has never seen a Jo Ann's. Guests departing a little bit more depressed than when they arrived.  I want my Hyena Life wrapped in Sienna Silk Velvet. My bedspread to gleam in Twinkle Crinkle as Napoleonic Bees hum overhead.

Let me feast on Midori Sno-Cone and Praline Cream.  I want my Big Top Collection OVER the top.  Don't skimp on the Dan Rather Garnets.  My M.A.C. will repose in dupioni silk instead of a make up bag from Rite Aid.  No more, "So Shabby Chic of you, dear."  It will be only, "Good God, this cost a fortune!"  Farewell,  swatches: how much do you  have left on the bolt?  And above all, "I'll take it!  ALL of it!"  Please help me not to settle.  I deserve The Hyena Life.

Yours in frustration once more,
your devoted fan,
--Holly Alarcon

Austin, Texas

Recognize the fabrics? Still working on the other rooms with your green silk damask and floral embroidered silk.  Ciao!
--Miami, Florida

As beautiful and iridescent as your silks are, I think your “Artist of the Month” columns shine even brighter sometimes.  A good example is the current (September 2009) account of C. S. Lewis by Brian Fairbanks.  Before reading it, I wondered how difficult it must be to try to say something interesting and engaging about a person concerning whom so much has been written.  But as usual, Brian Fairbanks was up to the task.  Good writers and speakers know instinctively that the challenge is not to speak or write many words as in a lengthy book or lecture.  Rather, the test of a writer's skill is what he is able to do with only a small bucket of words.

It is obvious the words in this essay were skillfully chosen and applied as a painter would choose hues of color and texture to penetrate our intellect and emotions.  The article is informative and inspiring.  Academically and historically it is sound, and from that perspective alone, the scene is breathtaking.  What a life, what amazing accomplishments, what creativity!  Today, so many of us stand on the shoulders of C. S. Lewis without even realizing we are doing so.  I have read much that Lewis wrote and many things about him, but I still learned much from this piece.

But what I appreciated most about this article is the fact that through it, the genius of this magnificent soul shines so brightly.  It makes me feel as though I not only know more about Lewis, but I actually know him better.  There's a great deal of difference.  Reading this column, I somehow feel closer to him than perhaps I might, had I been privileged to actually follow him around for a day in his life.  Thanks Hyena, and thanks Brian, for this extremely well-written piece about one of the truly remarkable people of the twentieth century.

--Jere Underwood

Jeffersonville, Georgia

The bedroom drapes are fabulous.  We hung them this weekend, and I thought you'd like to see the finished product.  Thanks again for putting out such high quality products - not only the glorious silk fabrics and textiles, but the superb construction and fabrication of the drapery as well.

--Kelli Kaufman

Lafayette, Louisiana

WOW, WOW, WOW! LOVE IT - LOVE IT!  Need I say more?  Cheers!

--Jenny Schneider

Melbourne, Australia

I just wanted to let you know that I just received my first order from HYENA and I am overwhelmed! The beauty and quality of the fabric is excellent. I must also commend you on the quality of your on-line photos. The color of the fabric I received was exactly what I expected. I have a good monitor and if the site color is accurate I am not surprised when I receive the merchandise. I also must tell you that I just happened to be on line familiarizing myself with the silks you have available and I am beyond impressed. I make high end decorator pillows, table linens, and also hand made books and I am so pleased to have found you and you can count on me as a (new) loyal customer. Thanks again for your beautiful silk.

--Susan Sondgroth

Raymond, California

I just HAD to email you to say how stunned I am with your awesome service. This morning, at about 9:15UK time, the parcel arrived containing the eggplant silk and the embroidered silk - only 1 week after I ordered them. Not only are they absolutely beautiful (especially the embroidered one) but I honestly can't get over the service. As a means of comparison, one week ago - and before I found your website - I sent a small amount of silk to a UK supplier for a swatch... and I am still waiting even thought I included an SAE....their silk dupion is at least twice your price too. In contrast, not only do you have a fabulous collection of really well priced silks, you were really thoughtful about my order in offering me an alternative to the off-cut I bought, you kept me informed AND it arrived within a week with a discount voucher for next time....oh yes and your emails were friendly too!

You really have made the whole experience a huge pleasure, and I must say, UK suppliers could learn an awful lot from you. I have already passed your name on to two friends - one of whom is an interior designer, so I am spreading the word as best I can in the UK (and am hoping that shipping here isn't too much of a pain).  

Thanks again....and I am already planning my next order...

--Toni Clarkson

United Kingdom

Dear Hyena, I will get you a lot more pictures of the drapes. That is your Chopin on the dining room chairs.  So many people have asked me for your name and number and website - so much company has been there and they all ask about where I got the fabric from:  friends and relatives from New Jersey, friends in The City, Chicago, and so many in Florida. I have two decorators that are now ordering from HYENA already. 

Look at what you did! YOU allowed me to create our seasonal home to "our" dreams. Did you get the pictures of the master bedroom - the headboard is not in yet and the balloon shade is the white on white circle along with all your other fabrics.

You made my day, my house, my lifestyle......Thank you.

--Barbara Marulli

West Palm Beach, FL

Just like to say how much I love the actor/person of the is such a wonderful addition and being a writer myself, it is so great to read how such successful, creative people have often struggled, have always worked really hard, and have kept at it to get where they are.  Thank you for some wonderful insight into some super and talented people(characters)!  Kind regards!
--Cyn English

Hamburg, Germany

I just wanted to thank you.  I found out I was hosting Easter the Tuesday before the holiday and I panicked.  I needed curtains and couldn't find the striped silk ones I wanted for under $1000.00. That evening at almost midnight I found your sight and for the 13 yards I needed to make them myself I could order the fabric for $400.00. I have been sewing for years so this wasn't a big deal. I decided that in order to get the curtains I really wanted I would order the fabric and just do Easter in an unfinished room. It is now Wednesday (I ordered the fabric last night) and I just received an email with the tracking number and the fabric will be here on Friday. I am so excited I can barely sleep! I need several more rooms finished which will require many, many more yards of fabric and because you are so amazing I won't even consider going anywhere else or spending the extra money on purchasing finished products. Thank you more than you can imagine!

--Tarah Luinenburg

Oakland, New Jersey

Thank you!  These are absolutely fabulous!!!!!  I've been shopping in Florence, Venice and Milan for similar quality--but the selection you have is much better.  Thanks!

--Dee Anderson

Canal Winchester, OH

Good grief, that throw is totally perfect.  You can't imagine how it looks in the den.  Unbelievable.  Thank heavens I weakened and got it.  The fabrics are all fabberooni also.  Thank you!
-- Mary Lambeth

Winston-Salem, NC

I love perusing your extraordinary luxury fabrics.  We likes taffeta and brocade—everything else is just in the way, except maybe velvets.  In fact, I pretty much camp out on the Italian silk brocade page whenever I visit.  I sweetly forget that silk isn't the only fiber in existence. 
-- Kraig Hausmann

Provo, UT

A whole box of silk arrived today and the smaller tafetta piece a week ago, so I am thrilled. The silk is so wonderful and I cant believe that I was so lucky to get it so cheap! It is like winning the lottery. I have told friends about your good service and I believe that some have already placed an order.  Thanks for being so trustworthy - you make dealing on the internet a great experience.  Have a nice day - you have certainly made sure that mine will be great.
Kind regards from
--Lene Huttel


Your silk is very wonderfull. I am very happy with my new decoration. We are living in a duplex in a Castle in Belgium.  It was so great luxe and quality that this curtains transform this small expressionist paintings salon in a sort of boudoir.  The rich colour is perfect, because of the barocco furnitures.  I will thank you very much for your kindness, professionalism and the very fast arrival.  Sorry for my bad english and MERCI BEAUCOUP POUR CETTE MAGNIFIQUE SOIERIE ROUGE.

Best regards from
--Cécile and Yves GREGOIRE

Château de Maizeret, BELGIUM

I really love your website -- and your choice of artists is terrific.  I know of no other place where I can purchase beautiful silk -- while listening to Dylan, Shane MacGowan or Bukowski!  It's outrageous.  Thanks you so much,

--Marybeth Perry

Boston, MA

I just got the silk fabric I bought from you and its FABULOSO!!!!  LOVE IT!!! I can't wait to start sewing my curtains.

--Omar Sanabria

Coral Springs, FL

Got the material!! It's drool-I-don't-want-to-share-it gorgeous!

--Susan Tidwell

Atlanta, GA

I wanted to start out by saying that you are truly a wonderful company to work with. Everything from your web site, to friendly customer service, fast shipping and great incentives to your customers exemplifies that you strive to be the best in your industry. You are an all around top notch company. It really shows that you enjoy what you do and value your customers. This is a breath of fresh air. I see too many companies on a daily basis that do the bare minimum to keep customers happy and coming back.

Thank you for allowing your customer's to provide input on what they would like to see at HYENA.  I am looking forward to ordering from you again soon! I can't wait to see what new products you will be offering in the near future!

-- Suzanne Horvatits

New York

After months of debating whether I should spend the money for very expensive curtains I fell in love with on Horchow, I found your websiteand decided to sew my own. I am elated they turned out beautifully and I spent about 1/3 of the cost for two very long panels.  I've attached the picture of my curtains. I can't wait to do the rest of the house.

--Marian Ibarra Kapp

Piscataway, NJ

I just wanted to let you know that I received the silk yesterday and it is beautiful!  The color is perfect.  It was great doing business with you and I will be sure to order once again when I am ready for my next project.  It is wonderful to be able to shop for quality fabric right from home.  I would have had to look forever to find this particular striped silk.  I love it!  Many thanks,

--Cindy Diederich

Winchester, KY

You're definitely the best site I've found for quality silks.

-- Shirley Wilczynski

Redondo Beach, CA

I just wanted to let you know that your beautiful fabric arrived here in Vienna today, safe and sound! Thanks very much!  Kind regards,


Vienna, Austria

Thank you - I received my order yesterday and am absolutely thrilled with the fabric - it was very well packed and arrived in excellent condition.  Needless to say, I was a bit apprehensive about ordering on the web but in the future I won't hesitate. Thanks again...

--Margaret Hagerty

Los Angeles, CA

I'm sending you two pictures of my beautiful curtains, thanx to your products. I will be starting another project really soon. I can't wait to work with you again. Thank you for helping to make my home feel GRAND!

--Nicole Kanaris

Roslyn Heights, New York 

Received in perfect condition.  Thanks for taking care to fold and insure you took time to send professionally and beautifully.

-- Jodie Tanino

Virgin Islands

Thank-You. I'd also like to compliment you on the expeditiousness of your services! I'm sure I'll be visiting your site again in the future and will pass your website along to others.

-- Pamela Allison

Vashon, Washington

I just LOVE the curtains I made out of the silk I bought from you! Floor to ceiling garnet dupioni silk drapes are somewhat decadent, for some I guess, but they really make the room.

-- Sally Shepherd

Wilmington, NC

I just wanted to forward some positive feedback about your website.  Several months ago, I bought many yards of solid silk dupioni.  Well, I finally got around to sewing my drapery panels for my master bedroom, and they are just fabulous!  (I bought the 54"; wide Taupe Chinese silk.)  The fabric is so lovely, and I saved so many $$$ over what I would have spent to purchase something similar.  My sewing skills are VERY basic, but making simple and professional-looking panels was not hard since the fabric is very easy to work with and drapes like a dream.  Just wanted to put in a good word.....thank you!

-- Tracy Waitkus

Avila Beach, CA

The silk has just arrived.  Judy is on the way home with it to begin a new plan.  She is so happy with all the beautiful fabric you have sent to us. When she has it all finished we are planning to send you pictures of what you have helped to make possible.

-- Tom and Judy Riddle

Green Forest, AR

Oh my gosh! I got the fabric today and it is fabulous!!  Thanks for the'll be outfitting our whole home!

-- Lea Crouch

Edgewood, WA

I just wanted to tell you that your fabrics were everything they were cracked up to be. I love the way they turned out for my clients' window treatments. The silk was sturdy with a beautiful sheen and a very elegant look. I'll definitely be ordering more whenever I can use them in future client projects. Thanks!

-- Kim Mance

Divine Interiors

I just wanted you to know that I received the silk and it is GORGEOUS!!!! Thank you so much! And fabulous packaging as well!  Thank you again!

-- Patty Ryan

Des Moines, Iowa

I wanted to let you know that I received the silk the other day. It is really beautiful! Thanks again for the careful packing & fast shipping! It has, as always, been a pleasure working with you! Thanks again!!

-- Vanessa Ross

Midtown Antiques, Memphis, TN

Thank you for directing me to your on-line store - it's fabulous. I'm like a kid in a candy store and don't know which way to turn first. It all looks sumptuous. Regards,

-- Susanne K. Stinger

Bridgewater, NJ

Thank YOU!  I'm looking forward to getting my order. Your website shows you have a wonderful selection of silks - which I love. I hope to have every table surface and window covered with it.  Great Customer Service.  Thanks again!

-- Mary Lathrop

Downingtown, PA

All your silks are wonderful… the colors are perfect… the stripes especially seem to appeal to the Italian side of me! And the quality appears to be excellent. Best regards,

-- Lynne Russell

Lynne Russell Unlimited, Inc.,

Atlanta, GA

The fabric arrived yesterday, but I did not open it until today.  Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!  Totally on cloud nine with the gold and ivory plaid!!!  I feel so greedy!   I am SO THRILLED!!!  THANK YOU!!!  You are the BEST!

-- Judi Gullett

St. Petersburg, FL

You are a wonderful supplier.  You will be seeing much more business from me.

-- Northern deLights

Sumas, WA

Just wanted to tell you AGAIN how wonderful your web site is. I posted your link on Cheryl Strickland's Drapery Forum today in hopes that others will find you and give you a go. Anyone this talented deserves support.  That is my opinion and I am sticking with it!!  Love the features and just the whole thing. Very innovative.  Great site.  Thanks,

-- Diana Davidson

Distinctively Yours Interiors

I received the fabric today and I LOVE IT!!!  It is so beautiful.  I am using the wine/gold for drapes and this beaded gold to cover the bench at the end of our bed.  It will just be FAB!!!  :)  Thanks so much.

-- Nancy Phillips

Lake Montezuma, AZ 

Just had to send you pics of my new drapes….they're absolutely beautiful!  They've changed the whole feel of the room.  OH…my puppies wanted me to tell you thank you, as well….they just love how their favorite window is framed in yards of gorgeous dupioni silk… much more pleasant than gazing out of a bare window! 

-- Veronica Bruce

New Haven, CT

Thank you so much! The fabric arrived today. It is STUNNING! It is going to go on an old kidney-shaped vanity that I'm having upholstered. I will have them use tons of it so it looks like a ball gown. I will feel like such a princess using it. I love your tag line (never settle.) I hope I have enough left over to do the shower curtain too. I am thrilled with the quality.

-- Karen Atkins

New Brighton, PA 

Just wanted someone there to know that I clicked on your Artists of the Month (as usual) and for the first time took the time to write and say THANK YOU!!  The article about Jere & Hazel brought a few tears to my eyes.  I'm not certain whose parents they are, but their offspring is certainly blessed.  The article is very well written and I especially enjoyed the last paragraph, as I have spent years searching for a way to express myself to the world.  Thank you for reminding me that the best expression of myself  Have a WONDERFUL LIFE!!

-- Susan C. Fix

Reno, NV

Thank you!!!!!!!!!  I really appreciate your communication with me.  I just received the silk and absolutely love it!!  Will order from you again.

-- Paula Davies

Lincoln, CA

I received the fabric yesterday and took it to my friend's house. We are thrilled with it. it's going to look so good.  There is something so luscious about silk, it's the perfect color. She really wanted silk right from the start but we had trouble finding this color in any kind of fabric, particularly for an affordable price. And they don't make curtains in 125"; length.  So thank you again. I'm so pleased and I'm sure I'll be back for more.  Thanks for all your help.

-- Caris Lester

Orange, CA

Dear Hyena!

When I stumbled upon your business I was thrilled. Swedish textile stores has a very limited range of silks, and as a seamstress specialized in historical undergarments, I was dead tired of having to go silk-hunting for several days every time I was approached by a customer wanting a fancy corset or petticoat. Since I found you, I don't have that problem anymore. Whenever a bride-to-be, or a re-enactor, or an historical fetishist approaches me for a pair of stays, I happily point them to your site and tells them to sit back and take their pick.

Last year, I got a commission from an artist who wanted a 17th century dress for the opening of an exhibition. Since she left all the details to me, I was a very happy camper. How often is a seamstress allowed the luxury of being given a time-frame a century wide, and totally free hands?

Here is the result, and I am sure you recognize both your olive taffeta and your silk dupioni in seamist.

Thank you for solving my silk problem, hopefully forever! My next project is a late 18th century waistcoat for my boyfriend. And yes, I made him buy the silk from you. :)

Your very happy customer,
--Alva Lindvall


Sitting here in Scotland looking through your wonderful web-site.  I am a part-time lecturer at a college in Glasgow, I also run a small business making corsets, wedding dresses, designer wear, as part of what I teach is pattern cutting.

The corsets have been worn to many fashion shows when raising money for charity. Should anyone want one they can commission one.  I generally do bespoke garments of any kind and nothing is too difficult!

I normally get my silks from the UK, but after looking at your site, I will have to rethink.

Nancy Livingstone


You can see what I've done with your fabricon my website.  People are really loving it.
--Alisa Benay,

Colorado Springs, Colorado

The pattern for the gown underneath the top-skirt is a vintage Vogue pattern bought from and I have supplied the design for the top layer...I ended up not sewing it myself, since I had less than three weeks left when the material arrived free of  customs here in Denmark.  I think that was a strike of luck, since I found a very skilled lady that sewed it very well.  I am so grateful that you have helped me find these high quality silk fabrics. Similar beautiful colors, shine and quality is just so very rare: I have not come across anything like it. So a big virtual hug from me.  My very best regards to you, Gertrud Knudsen

-- Gertrud Knudsen,
Aarhus, Denmark

Here is a costume demi-wardrobe made from the same "Ladybird Cabernet" fabric as the gentleman's 18th century coat shown on your customer's page . There is a day bodice, evening bodice, skirt, overskirt & bottom off train.  This will be for a historic theme wedding in French New Caledonia . The fabric was purchased by the bride-to-be, then given to me to create with.  What a joy to work with quality goods!

Also another in "La Dolce Vita Terra Cotta" going to the Dicken's Fair in San Francisco.

I am currently being tormented by your "Age of Innocence" silk, in the Ocean colorway, paired with the solid Ocean & Irish Whiskey taffetas, for a gown for myself!  Edith Wharton is my inspiration, "Age" my most loved of her writings.  Have a wonderful holiday season amongst the beauty of of your shop.

--Arlene Terrell,

Hemet, California

Attached are a few photos from my wedding.  Love the sea of red photo heading into the church, it shows how dramatic the reds were..... You all have been awesome to deal with and being an artist myself, I love the artist spotlights on your site :) I just ordered some of the sky blue dupioni silk for my study drapes against a slate wall, I think it will be gorgeous! Thanks for feeding my creativity!
--Denise Fezza

Huntersville, NC

Here are a couple of pictures of my wedding dress, made mostly with your plain and embroidered silk dupioni by my friend, Janet Gardner.  It's made more or less authentically from a pattern from around 1770.  We loved the fabric, and the dress turned out gorgeous! Thanks for all your help!

--Celia Olson

Seattle, WA

-Seamstress:  Nicola Ede, a new designer from New Zealand, now residing in Hiroshima

Thank you so much for the Dupioni Silk in Golden Salmon Shot... It made a perfect wedding dress.  I got to wear it three times, once to our Luau Reception in Hawai'i, another time to our wedding party here in Hiroshima and again for a wedding reception that my parents threw for us in Ottawa, Canada.  It was absolutely amazing.  So much so in fact that my friend is ordering Dupioni Silk in ivory forherwedding dress!  She know that she'll get quality fabric when she orders with HYENA!  Keep up all the hard work with the website.  I enjoy checking it out every now and then and have a picture ofmyfabric as a background on my computer.  Looking forward to ordering again.

-- Emily Smith

Hiroshima, Japan

Just wanted to send over a picture of my daughter Alexandria in the skirt I had made for her for her second birthday. (She is in the green and pink skirt.) I could not find a skirt I liked enough so I got the material from you and had a seamstress make a skirt for my daughter. EVERYONE who was at the party (the adults) asked me where the skirt came from, as did the seamstress!  I told them about your company! Thanks so much. My daughter looked so adorable in her custom made skirt! (She's pictured here with her twin sister, Sydney.)

-- Jennifer Cohen

Plantation, FL

I just received my shipment of 12 yards of "True Wine" silk dupioni from Hyena. I almost started weeping as I pulled the fabric from its perfectly wrapped and protected packaging. I'm just a lowly computer programmer dreaming of a medieval wedding dress. What have I done to deserve such luxury? This fabric truly defies description. My local fabric store carries 6 colors of dupioni 45" wide for almost $3.00 more a yard than I got my 54" from Hyena. What a steal! And the difficulty I had in deciding amongst four shades of red is a testament to the amazing color selection I found at your website. I had to consult my sisters, mother, and fiancé for input. Ultimately, mom's choice was best. Thank you for making this one special part of my wedding a success. I hope my sewing skills are worthy of the quality of fabric!

-- Beth Wesolowski

Jackson, Michigan

Dear Hyena:

I absolutely adore your silk collection!  I've ordered many beautiful fabrics from you and I thought you might like to see what I've done with some of them!  

This is a reproduction 1872 bustle gown that I made with the Ecco Qua Fire and Water Wide Stripe, Garnet Dupioni and Turquoise Dupioni.  I wore the gown to a costume convention where it won an Excellence in Costume award.  Everyone kept remarking about how lovely the silk was and where on earth did I find such wonderful fabric.  I was more than happy to tell them! :)

Additionally, your service is spectacular!  Everything always arrives promptly and is so well packaged.

-- Susan Shirley

Augusta, GA

It is just like going into an Art Gallery looking at your silks - I just want to die in a vat of beautiful that too much to ask?

-- Diane Haffner

British Columbia, Canada


Greetings from Stockholm,

For a year ago I bought this wonderful fabric, and now it have been a 18th century costume for my husband. I've got several compliments for it. This picture is taken at Beatelund Castle, 6 miles from Stockholm this autumn.
--Carina Rosén
Stockholm, Sweden

I ordered on Monday and my fabric arrived on Wednesday. I just can't tell you how impressed I am with your service. The fabric was beautifully packed and parcelled and is so breathtakingly gorgeous I could hardly believe it.  The swatch didn't really do it full justice.  Once again, many thanks and I look forward to my next order

-- Helen Going

Hawthorne, Nevada


Hello, hyena -- Applause, applause - You have the most fabulous website I've ever discovered.  It's fab!!  Huzzah!!  Huzzah!!

-- Hugh Formhals,

Ranchos de Alburquerque, New Mexico

Hi there! I wanted to send you a picture of the Irish Solo Dress I created using your blue/pink-shot dupioni silk. I will definitely be ordering through Hyena again. I appreciated the fact that you sent me high quality product for a great price and that you had it shipped ever-so-quickly! Anyway, thank you so much! I will "never settle" for getting my silk anywhere else, of that I'm sure!  

-- Adrienne McKenzie

North Carolina

I have been surfing the web for days in search of the EXACT material to fashion my daughters prom dress, and low and behold!!! a hyena produced, you have made my world perfect...I am in lust of all your selections...Thank-You, from a small-town seamstress

-- Colleen Moralez

North Bend, OR


Thanks so much for the update. I'm excited about receiving the material. I sew renaissance garb for people and this green silk is for the lining of a Musketeer tabard. I can't wait to see it.  I recently received an order of your black and a gold silk and I have to tell you the gold is amazing. Your silks are wonderful and the quality amazing. As my business grows, I'll have to explore the possibility of purchasing in bulk since the silks are so popular for the renaissance court dresses.  Thank you,

-- Rae Downing

RaeFaire Designs, Austin, TX,


I so appreciate your help with this project, and I'll be sure to pass on to my friends that you're WONDERFUL to order from!!  

-- Laura Warren

Dawn, MO

The silk was beautiful and added such a nice touch to the wedding. Thank you for going out of your way to get the fabric to me on time. Thanks,

-- Alex Carvajal

Columbia, SC

Just thought you might be interested in our project. The silk is not for clothing, although it would be beautiful. It is part of a reproduction flag, that was used during the American Revolution, flown at Ft. Stanwix, New York, in the fall of 1777. American forces (about 800 men) flew this flag while defending the fort against a force of 3000 British and Indians. The British retreated back to Canada, failing in their attempt. This reproduction will fly during an Revolutionary War reenacting event.  Thanks again for your quick response.

-- Wendell K. Smith

2nd Connecticut Regiment of Militia

Thank you soooooo much - you solved my wedding dress dilemma!!!!

-- Amy Barrett

Tacoma, WA

Hi - I just wanted to say that we received our order of 15 yards of silk and are very pleased with the quality and the speed in which it was shipped.  The fabric will be used for the brides maid dresses for my daughter's wedding this fall.  Dealing with your company has been a real pleasure.

-- Deb Horne

Essex Junction, VT

I just finished making the dress out of the fabrics we ordered from you and I had to take a few minutes to tell you that the dupioni was absolutely, by far, the most beautiful dupioni I have EVER worked with.  Previously I had been hesitant to order from your company because the prices are a bit higher than my other dupioni suppliers - but WOW - the higher price was WORTH it.  The difference in quality between your silk and the other silks I've been working with was unbelievable - it was a DREAM to work with and I can assure you I will be back again.  I'm also going to tell everyone how much better quality your fabrics are - and you're really great to work with too.  Thanks again!

Very Merrily,
-- Heather Piper

Lima, NY,

Fabric received today! WOW --- that was fast!  You have a wonderful selection, and finding your site was prompted by my niece's need for a prom dress, but I'll be back.

-- Maria K.

Marlborough, MA

Your website is phenomenal and so are your prices!!

-- Maryjane D'Orazio

Quincy, MA


I had to show you a picture of another lampshade I made with your beautiful silks. I usedLadybird Terra Cottaembroidered silk taffeta and hand-beaded panels over the Olive silk dupioni.  Thank you for making such beautiful silk fabric available and affordable.

-- Karen Cardwell

Thank you so much for my order which I received safe and sound and delicately wrapped in tissue paper.  The fabric is absolutely beautiful, I am going to start sewing tonight!!  Thank you for your excellent service and your amazing prices. Thanks again.

--Stacey Sullivan

Houston, TX

I like to make "projects" with my Hyena silk, silk velvet, and all the other beautiful fabrics that they have. I do design sets for Machine Embroidery. My designs look wonderful on these fabrics.  The latest I did were purses and I used my new Robin Crazy Quilt design set on them. The silks are so easy to work with and the feel of them is wonderful. After I used these fabrics I was spoiled. I just can't go back to synthetic fabrics. I sell my designs at If you are looking for Machine Embroidery, we have some beautiful designs. Here are a couple of photos of my latest Robin Crazy Quilt design set used on purses made from Hyena silks.

-- Barbara Del Duco

Machine Embroidery Artist

New York

"I would like to say thanks to everyone who sent me dupioni websites...found some incredible stuff but I think my favorite incredible one is  They even sell quilt kits...gorgeous stuff....I think I hear my need saying get out the plastic..."

Last year I bought silk from you to start my new business -- "Silver in Silk". I make bags for silver storage out of anti-tarnish cloth (Pacific cloth) for the inside and your flawless, gorgeous silk for the outside. I found your website and now I wouldn't think of getting my silk from anywhere else!

-- Amanda Horne

Rochester, NY

My goal to redecorate Versailles in 100% Hyena failed due to my sloth (not to mix animal metaphors), a number of apoplectic, very negative Frenchmen, and some sort of misunderstanding in regard to my VISA account's limits.  However, never one to take non for an answer, I plan to sabotage Paris with my version of Madame du Pompadour or Marie Antoinette--your choice. The garb of this 21" Madame Alexander Cissy doll is a work in progress, still partly pinned together.  It is difficult to find a time one of the cats isn't draped across the sewing machine table, but I did manage to sew by hand  in excess of 300 silk and satin roses. You may recognize your sublime silks in this project.  If you don't, blame not the silk--it is (pardon, Marie) my execution.


--Holly Alarcon

Austin, Texas


You have been such a real pleasure. I will mark your site and watch carefully for more lovely fabrics.  Perhaps some other lovely stripe is in our future. Thank you again for your time and invaluable assistance.  I do hope we have the opportunity to do this again. As always, my continuing best wishes to you and yours. 

-- Barbara J. Thompson

San Antonio, TX

The delight is all mine!!!  My fabric arrived today and it is wonderful.  Your service and product is lovely.  Thank you. 

-- Miriam Clarke

Wall, NJ

It's been a pleasure doing business with you.  I'll remember you in the future and recommend you to friends.  Hope you thrive!

-- Margaret Wheeler

Lexington, KY

I did a search and came up with your website, and couldn't be more pleased and to find out you took PayPal was even better.  I have been looking for this color to complete a dress for an antique doll of mine.  Thank you.

--Marsha Stringfellow

Georgetown, TX

Lovely fabric!  YOU have got excellent A-1 quality silks, just to let you know (as if you didn't)! Most iridescent, highest quality, truest colors!  Thanks!

-- Meagan Fuson

Fairy Cove Custom Silk Quilts,

Deer Island, OR

Thank you for your help that went "way beyond".  I've never had such excellent help by phone.  You have been one of those surprise gifts from God to make my day filled with extra smiles.

-- Marcia Boersma

Tyler, TX

Just wanted someone there to know that I clicked on your Artists of the Month (as usual) and for the first time took the time to write and say THANK YOU!!  The article about Jere & Hazel brought a few tears to my eyes.  I'm not certain whose parents they are, but their offspring is certainly blessed.  The article is very well written and I especially enjoyed the last paragraph, as I have spent years searching for a way to express myself to the world.  Thank you for reminding me that the best expression of myself  Have a WONDERFUL LIFE!!

-- Susan C. Fix

Reno, NV


Thanks for such a FAST reply!  I had a feeling that was the case - your site was mentioned on Quilt Art and it is wonderful - have bookmarked for future projects!

-- Marie Johansen

You are a wonderful supplier.  You will be seeing much more business from me.

-- Northern deLights

Sumas, WA


Aloha!  This is my second purchase from you.  I know I'll be pleased with this second purchase as much as I was pleased with the first -- the beauty and quality of the silk of my first purchase is exquisite.  Thanks so much for your wonderful service.  Best regards, 

-- Maria Converse

Honolulu, HI

Check out this photo of orange and hot pink silks I ran across in In-Style Magazine of a gala affair that Sting hosted...Now, check out Shana's Gala Wedding...COOL, huh?  Thank you for everything you did to make the wedding such a success.

-- Susan Levine

Brandon, FL

You're definitely the best site I've found for quality silks.

-- Shirley Wilczynski

Redondo Beach, CA

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