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You may not know him by name -- yet -- but you've been getting him in increased amounts of undetectable dosages over the years.  

He's the backbeat...the not-so-little drummer boy, the keyboardist, the lyricist, the arranger, the harmony, the satirist, the most fashion-forward rocker in the business (including Gwen Stefani), the best-looking member of the band SEMISONIC (and the competition is stiff) and the author of the upcoming book SO YOU WANNA BE A ROCK AND ROLL STAR from  Broadway Books -- a road diary of sorts -- Jake's experiences in the touring world of rock and roll.   

Word is getting around about Jake Slichter.  You might've already heard him reading from his Road Diary on NPR's Morning Edition.  You might've been laughing so hard you didn't catch his name.  Well, we think it's time to shine a flashlight into the coolest corner of the underground.  If you don't get in on this until Slichter's publisher builds an easy to spot life-sized standee of him in Barnes and Noble, it's not our fault.


Check him out...Mr. December...

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