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Are you like us?  When Ozzy lost Survivor: Cook Islands by one vote, did you jump up and start screaming at the tv like a Jerry Springer guest? Did you rant about how ridiculous it was that someone had won every immunity challenge but one, and yet somehow didn't walk away with the title and the million?  Did you stick your head out the window and yell outloud for all your neighbors to hear that something was wrong with the design of the show, that this could happen?  Did you think about writing your congressman?  Or is it just us?  We know you must've...because it was as the people's choice that Ozzy won the car.   We here at HYENA don't have a million dollars to lay on Ozzy to make it right, but we did want to take you a little further than an Aitu campfire.  Not only did he outwit, outplay, out last...Oscar Lusth is determined, in the words of Tom Waits, to leave this world better than the place that he found.

HYENA:  Are you scared of hyenas?
OSCAR LUSTH:  Only if they are chasing me.
Hyena:  What do you like to be called?  Oz?  Ozzy? Oscar?
Ozzy:  Call me what you like. Nicknames are cool with me.
Hyena:  OK...Ozzy...are you funny?  I can't tell…
Ozzy:    Only if you are huffing nitrous oxide... but I guess at that point even getting your teeth broken out of your skull is funny.
Hyena:  You seem more like a comic book superhero than a reality show contestant.  You're a surfer, a skateboarder, a sailor, a landowner, a skydiver, a fisherman, a snowboarder, a wakeboarder, a reader, a diver, a gymnast, a biker, a survivor.  How did all this start?  We want to hear your story. 
Ozzy:    I just read a lot and had access to the woods and I was constantly learning new things.
Hyena:  Tell me about when you first began to be interested in the water and the land.
Ozzy:   As long as I can remember I have been fascinated with nature.  
Hyena:  These skills of yours…are they honed in defiance of anything?  
Ozzy:    Honed in defiance of the status quo.  In defiance of strip malls and toxic waste and sludge leaking into the groundwater. Honed in preparation of the evolution.
Hyena:  Do you see them as part of you or are they more like a supermodel's looks, not really who you are?
Ozzy:    They are a part of me as much as my instincts and experiences are.
Hyena:  What is it about living in the wild that gets you going?
Ozzy:    It is the best way to experience the divine.
Hyena:  Do you like wilderness living or do you prefer leather sofas and room service now?  Cabana or hammock?
Ozzy:    I love hammocks. Have you ever thought of doing silk hammocks? Is silk strong enough to make a hammock out of? I like simple luxury in a wild setting. Nothing too fancy just enough luxury to make life fun.
Hyena:  When you think about the times you've spent alone in the wild, what one experience will you never forget?
Ozzy:    Crossing the reef at Aitutaki.  I did what probably not many others have done. It was like swimming in space.
Hyena:  Tell us a story from your childhood.
Ozzy:    O.K. I was probably about three or so.  I remember the specific moment when I became aware of myself.  I remember the moment when I became aware of my thoughts.  I remember thinking..."WOW I CAN TALK INSIDE MY HEAD!!!  AND NOBODY CAN HEAR ME!!!"
Hyena:  Why do you love storms?
Ozzy:   It is another way to experience the power of nature.  I just become alive in that kind of weather or when the waves get really big.
Hyena:  Duck or sea otter?
Ozzy:    Sea otter. At least they have hands. And otter kind of rhymes with Oscar.
Hyena:  What is one thing you wish someone…anyone…would've told you when you were younger?
Ozzy:    To learn as many languages as possible.
Hyena:  Do you like b.o.?
Ozzy:    Depends on the situation.
Hyena:  You've moved around more than most – ten times just while you were in your teens.  How did that contribute, literally or figuratively to your being quick on your feet?
Ozzy:    Of course. I learned how to adapt fluidly.
Hyena:  What does home mean to you?
Ozzy:    Where the heart is. Cliche.
Hyena:  You've said the game (Survivor) showed you just how much of a loner you really were (paraphrasing) and that had you played a more social game, you might've won.  You've even suggested that it's something you could work on – interacting with others.  Yet, from what we saw, you're the only contestant in the history of the game to get that far without lying, tricking, deceiving, leading on or even upsetting any of the others contestants.
Ozzy:   I suppose so.  But the fact that I came sooo close is really haunting me. I gotta keep on an upward climb.
Hyena:  In what ways does Survivor parallel life?
Ozzy:    As long as you are having fun and learning things will work out.
Hyena:  When all is said and done, most people who win the lottery end up wishing they hadn't.  Do you think you've been spared in any way for having not won Survivor?
Ozzy:    The optimist in me says, "Gee I sure hope so."
Hyena:  How important is money?
Ozzy:   Very.  But it does not define life. Sure makes things a whole lot easier though.
Hyena:  Would you play Survivor for free?
Ozzy:    Yes.
Hyena:  You've said your heroes are “the ones who gave it all up.”  Give us an example.  What does “giving it all up” translate to in you?
Ozzy:    Sacrifice for the greater good.  Giving your life to help shape the world by speaking out against the injustices that plague our societies.
 Hyena:  Would you consider yourself a gambler?
Ozzy:    Yes.
Hyena:  Given the opportunity…say tomorrow at Santa Anita Park, would you ride a thoroughbred in a horse race?
Ozzy:    Yes.
 Hyena:  Live oak or bonsai?
Ozzy:    Live oak, they are like the bigger version of bonsai.
Hyena:  Your musical tastes range from Anti-Balas and El Jefe to Mozart.  Are you a musician?
Ozzy:    I can play a few instruments: drums, guitar, harmonica, saxophone.
Hyena:  We know you're strong and fast and fish-like…but you're a reader…of the good stuff…Aldous Huxley, Joyce and Hemingway.  What do you find in them?
Ozzy:   Vision…a unique view of the world. Insight.
Hyena:  Do you write?  Will you share something you've written?
Ozzy:   Yes....nothing worth sharing yet.
Hyena:  Who/what are your teachers?
Ozzy:    Books and friends and life.
Hyena:  What are your sights on these days…what is calling out to you?
Ozzy:    Acting.
Hyena:  Tell us about your vision of skate parks in Mexico.
Ozzy:    I want to organize a group to go down and teach a crew how to build parks. Then start building parks all over Mexico. There are thousands in the US and Canada.  Mexico has less than 20. It is about time some epic parks were built.
Hyena:  Gilligan or the Skipper?
Ozzy:   Skipper.
Hyena:  How do you imagine yourself when you're old?
Ozzy:    Salty dog, tough and leathery…
Hyena:  What do you believe?
Ozzy:    I believe science will enable the next evolution
Hyena:  What do you want us to know most of all?
Ozzy:    Everything is energy. 


Blues, reds and greens


Tuberose, jasmine, garlic, ocean spray (sea smell)


Orchid, cactus and succulents

Board Games

Risk, Trivial Pursuit, Backgammon

Video Games

Tony Hawk, Kelly Slater, Metroid, Castlevania, Civilizations

Sports to Play

Rugby, Soccer, Ultimate Frisbee

Sports Teams

No favorite

Outdoor Activities

Surfing, camping, hiking, fishing, ocean kayaking

TV Shows

SURVIVOR, The Daily Show, Jeopardy, South Park, Family Guy


Red Dawn, Lord of the Flies, Blue Lagoon, Silver City, Waiting for Guffman, V for Vendetta


Ben Kingsley, Benicio Del Toro, Johnny Depp, Leonardo DiCaprio, Paul Giamatti, Terrence Howard, Jack Nicholson, Christian Bale, Roberto Benigni


Meryl Streep, Angelina Jolie, Halle Berry, Nicole Kidman, Natalie Portman


Midnight Oil, Otis Redding, James Brown, Pink Floyd, Bad Religion, Regina Spektor, Chromeo, Groundation, Rage Against the Machine, Mozart, Vivaldi, Bach, Lucinda Williams, Sage Francis, Flamenco, Blues


Outside, Surfer's Journal, Science News, Thrasher


Tom Robbins, T.C. Boyle, Robert Heinlein, William Gibson, Gary Paulsen


Granola, Cocoa Puffs, Cocoa Krispies


Mango, papaya, cheremoya, watermelon, grapes, acai, citrus

Snack Foods

BBQ chips


Shortbread, butter cookies, gingersnaps

Candy Bars

Raw/vegan candy

Alcoholic Drinks

Tequila, wine, beer


No favorite
Oscar Lusth was born in the house his father built by hand in Guanajuato, Mexico on August 23, 1981. After only one year, his parents split and he and his mother moved to the east coast of the U.S. Growing up in two prestigious college towns in North Carolina, the then adopted son of a professor discovered books and his imagination. In just five years, Oscar moved seven times, lived through his mother's three marriages and welcomed two sisters into the family before landing in the San Francisco Bay area for high school. After graduation, and college in Santa Barbara, Oscar found his way to Hollywood where he was discovered by casting directors and asked to be on the hit CBS show "Survivor Cook Islands." Since his near win on the show Oscar has filmed a feature film titled, "The Lights." The horror film was shot in Texas, directed by John Sjogren, and also stars Joe Esteves (of the Esteves/Sheen family).

Oscar grew up the older brother to two sisters and two brothers. At the age of 13 the family moved to Mountain View, California where Oscar attended Los Altos High School. He spent his high school years as captain of the diving team, winning many accolades and competitions. After graduation, he moved to Santa Barbara to attend college. There he participated in and won the Lancaster Speech Tournament Award for writing and performing “Si Se Puede/Yes We Can” based on the famous Cesar Chavez speech. It was during this time that Oscar discovered the two things which would change his life; Cinematic Arts and Surfing.

The California beach town of Santa Barbara proved to be an ideal home base where he took acting classes, studied film production at Santa Barbara City College and surfed daily. While at the beach one day Oscar was approached by a modeling agent who immediately signed and booked him on commercial and print jobs for companies such as Coca Cola and Lexus. It was in Santa Barbara where he also learned the skills that impressed many viewers of "Survivor." He began spear fishing and swimming miles daily in the ocean.

Acting and film were still such a strong force Oscar decided to move to LA to take a crack at the industry. In just 5 months he was cast on Survivor, one of CBS's highest rated shows for primetime. Dominating the game mentally and physically, winning every individual immunity challenge but one, and daily providing his entire tribe with fish and food made him an undeniable hero for the fans of the show. About his innate survival and swimming skills, magazines and media outlets have called him "freakishly strong," "Mogli, the Jungle boy," and "superhuman…a dolphin." Oscar, known as Ozzy on the show, was one vote away from winning the million but was happy to play the game and loved the experience. After the show ended he was cast as Steve, a title role in the feature film "The Lights" and hopes this is the beginning of a career in television and film.

In addition, Oscar continues to give back to his Mexican roots. He speaks to kids from backgrounds similar to his own, encouraging them that they too can do anything they set their mind to. With a partner, Oscar has begun a non-profit company to build skate parks throughout Mexico, beginning with his home town. Recognizing what skateboarding gave to him, a haven of his own to escape from his ever changing world as a child, he is determined to give that back!

An avid skater and surfer, Oscar is fluent in English and Spanish and also enjoys playing music in his home studio, horseback riding, gymnastics, and riding his motorcycle. He currently resides in Venice, California.


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