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This remnant measures 2 yards long x 54" wide.


Content: 100% Satin Silk
Width: 54"


As the plane turned 45 degrees the promising lights of the Vegas strip faded, as they inevitably must, and the slow notes hung in the air, like the gold glowing cabin, above the tan, night landscape.  Chopin's Mazurkas.  The first time I'd ever heard them.  I could have been leaving the plains of the Sahara, could have been lifting over a WWII British airfield.  Monte Carlo, the South Pacific, the late 70's, all could have been important memories.  The Mazurkas, a welling soundtrack, filled the sense of loss, as the plane turned in the direction of that ephemeral destination that sits like a Thanksgiving morning before company arrives:  Home. 


If you choose to order a swatch, please note that all of your swatch costs will be refunded to you with your fabric order within 30 days. We will send you a promo code with your order so that you can process your refund yourself when you order your fabric. And we never ask that you return swatches.

Chopin Satin Silk - Ivory - 2 Yard Remnant

$158.00 Regular Price
$118.50Sale Price
  • Content:  100% Silk

    Width:  54"

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