Velvet flowers sewn onto  silk dupioni

Content: 100% Silk
Horizontal Repeat:  12"
Vertical Repeat:  10.5"
Width: 54"


We dig the English Garden.  The very idea of breaking away from (cough cough) formality and geometric design makes us want to grab our Muck Boots.  That it was not particularly well received makes us glad we have our own compost pit and pitchfork.  Known as landscape gardens, the English Garden, dare I say, sprung up in the 1700s and was firmly planted by it's greatest practitioner, Lancelot "Capability" Brown, in over 150 gardens or parks in England in the 18th Century.  Capability is said to have balked at working in Ireland since he hadn't yet finished England.  His naturalistic compositions, however, were satirically overlooked for nature itself by his critics -- though he presumably stopped short of his predecessor, William Kent's determination of actually planting dead trees in Kensington gardens to achieve proper effect.  Penny or pound?  You tell us.  An architect shows up at your estate, tells you to lop the topiaries, clump some trees, plant some grass and drain the marble pond into a natural lake.  "You know darling, this looks a lot like it did when we moved in here, only somehow…better.  It's brilliant."  Indeed.    


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English Garden Collection - Garnet

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  • Content:  100% Silk

    Width:  54"