This remnant measures 2.5 yards long x 54" wide.


Rows of embroidered and embellished stripes on Silk Taffeta.

Content: 100% Silk Taffeta
Horizontal Repeat:  6"
Embroidered stripes:  2.5" (9 rows)
Width: 54" 

La dolce vita is not a lifestyle, it's not a place, it's not even, to borrow from Rene' Magritte's Ceci n'est pas une pipe, a movie.  It's a state of mind.  It's an  understanding.  It's a realization of every moment.  It's An American in Paris.  It's Moon River.  It's two lovers blessed with insomnia.  It's a husband and wife looking at one another in the living room and simultaneously realizing, The kids are gone, for good, and it's just usagain.  It's Steve McQueen behind the wheel.  It's my great granddaddy sitting on his plow waiting for the sun to come up.  It's more than the sweet's the awareness of life as it's happening.  It's your morning coffee.  It's la passeggiata.  It's the taste of gelatto.  It's which side of the bed you sleep on.  It's my mama's bare feet.  It's nighttime, sweater-clad strolls along the lungomare.  It's a fifth set tiebreaker with planes flying overhead.  It's consideration rewarded with understanding.  The physical only made sense by the spiritual.  It's the quiet after a sigh.


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La Dolce Vita Silk Taffeta - Sunkissed - 2.5 Yard Remnant

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  • Content:  100% Silk

    Width:  54"