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Silk Throw - One of a Kind - The Chandelier

Price: $375.00
Item Number: TH330

One-of-a-kind SILK THROW

The Chandelier

HYENA is thrilled to present our first trunk show in almost 10 years!  We have commissioned 31 throws made of some of our most exotic silks, many of which are completely sold out.  

We've made custom throws for Johnny Depp, Jeremy Irons, Paul Shaffer, Pee Wee Herman and Billy Joel, just to name a few.  And now's your chance to have one too!

Whether you're looking for something rare and unique for a friend or for your own home, we hope you'll like our very special trunk show!  

Comes complete with the Hyena label to show you really are as cool as your friends had suspicioned!

Front: Printed Rayon in Chandelier
Back: Raw Silk Solid in Pale Grey
Measures: 72" long x 52" wide
Velvet Piping on all sides

All throws are one-of-a-kind!

2 Decades of our Silk Throw Creations 

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