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June 27th marks the end of an era for Britain.  Prime Minister Tony Blair has decided to resign what is surely one of the most difficult jobs in existence.  He does not leave in a blaze of glory, but rather with cartoons of judgment and criticism, a legacy of hate blogs in his honor, and general condemnation from not only his own people, but armchair quarterbacks around the world.

Here at HYENA, we've never profiled a politician because we hate politics.  This is not a political tribute.  Tony Blair is not running for anything, and we hope to gain nothing by shining the spotlight on him this month.  

We do this from a human standpoint…to say thank you to a man who made a very tough decision years ago, in light of something that happened in our country, not his.  It doesn't matter if you're democrat, republican or anarchist…things happen.  And when one person believes enough to stand with you, that is worth, at the very least, a thank you.  Especially when that decision may cost that person everything he's ever worked for or aspired to. 

Think of every decision you've had to make in your life…some of them worked out…most of them probably didn't.  When you recall those, does not the friend who went through it with you come to mind almost immediately.  Are we so confident, so smug, so autonomous that we have forgotten the value of a friend? 

Could we have done better?  Could any of us give more than all we have to give?  Whatever you think of him, can we not all agree that Blair, in his own words, “hand on heart, I did what I thought was right.”   I hope none of us are ever asked for more than exactly that.

Thank you, Tony Blair, for helping us make our way through our worst tragedy as a nation.  For being the epitome of a good friend.  May the rest of your life treat you better than we have, as we witnessed you in your finest hour. 
--by Delight Underwood

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