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Traverse Rod System with 2" Diameter Plain Wood Drapery Pole and Wood C-Rings - Cord Drawn

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Price: From $329.54 to $1,356.66

Wood Traverse Rod System
Cord-Drawn Traverse Rod System with 2" Plain Wood Drapery Pole & Wood C-Rings

Features 2" Plain Wood Drapery Pole & Wood C-Rings.

Don't be intimidated by the process of ordering a Traverse Rod System.  We've made it super easy!  Just 3 things:

Choose your COLOR.
Choose your ROD LENGTH.
Choose your FINIALS.


> The highest quality Canadian Hemlock
   2" Plain Wood Drapery Pole,
> Premium Aluminum Tracks
> Easy Glide Master Carriers
> Wood C-Rings with Eyelets
> Pair of Wood Finials - Your choice!
> Metal Brackets & End Stops
> Cords and Spring Tension Pulleys



Our C-Rings are made from real wood, unlike standard c-rings, which are made of plastic.

Our heavy-duty aluminum tracks ensure that your drapes run smoothly beneath our rod system, avoiding the friction of regular plastic glides and master carriers that rub against the rod in standard "C" track systems of our competitors.  The Hyena Rod System is better by design!

Most glides are simply made of plastic, but Hyena glides feature a built-in ball bearing that lets you move the heaviest drapes with ease.  

While other companies offer only plastic master carriers, Hyena gives you easy glide action with stroner master carriers and metal support for heavy residential and commercial use. 

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Choose from 21 fabulous shades!
Antique Pewter Estate Brown Beverly Bronze
Sasha Gold Blackened Bronze Rustic Gold
Hollywood Copper English Brown Pewter
Champagne Pale Gold Statuary Bronze
Silver Off-White White
Walnut Brass Dark Walnut Gold Iridescent Pearl
Walnut Gold Mahogany Gold Antique Gold

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