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Because he's strong It bookends the Pantera pretty well…in the event he should ever have coffee with someone. I wanted him to have something classy Because he's regal AND they call him “eagle eye.”


Because he's a pretty boy.

NOTE:  Mama means that in a GOOD way!

  Because he's turned into a butterfly. Because he can best appreciate the overlooked caterpillar.

Chiocciola He's tough on the outside but soft on the inside. Because you can't handicap for speed anymore because of the polytrack. Because if he were in France, he'd be a delicious appetizer. Because he handicaps for speed.

Civetta Because he's wise. Simply for the irony… Because Matt is always asking 'Hoo?  Hoo?  Hoo is going to win?!' Because he's always watching.

Drago Because I didn't want to make him think he wasn't strong…dragons are pretty strong. Reason:  see porcupine. Because it's a green Irish dragon! Because he's fierce!

Giraffa   I don't just seems older and wiser.

Because I thought he'd enjoy a cup with a giraffe on it.

Because everybody loves a giraffe!

Istrice Because he's cute and I think Todd will like him. Because that's probably what he's like to be around in the morning.  We've seen those mannerisms around the news desk. Because he's untouchable. Because this odd mug out is a "sticky" situation.

Leocorno Wait -- this is the last mug?  You mean I've gotta give Todd that unicorn?? Because all of his other mugs are ugly.

Because it's Irish.

NOTE:  Lou was confusing the Leocorno with the Leprechauno.

Because Matt believes!

Lupa Because I'm pretty sure he howls at the moon. This is the symbol for Rome, and also symbol for Roma soccer team and Frank plays soccer. It just worked out that way. Because Frank is a loner, Dottie, a rebel...there are things about him you couldn't understand...

Nicchio Because he's a beach boy. Because he likes the beach (kinda hard to make notes for a shell). Because this is a shell game and this represents Matt's betting style. Because if Matt was on the beach, you'd want to pick him up and put him in your pocket.  Take him home, clean him up and give him to mama.

Oca Quack quack quack! Because he likes pageantry and if horse racing doesn't work out, he may very well be calling a goose race one day. Because this is the luckiest of all the mugs! Because he's the most likely to lay a golden egg.

Ken, make a hard play for this mug.  Beg Matty for it.
Onda Because dolphins have superior intelligence and so does Matt. He's queen of the sea. Because he lives by the beach. He's always talking, signaling the others.
:58 Flat in the HOUSE!

Pantera I don't know…they kinda look alike. I don't know if he ever was a yellow panther with red spots but…

Because he's a tiger.

Because he's lean and mean and you better not mess with him.

Selva Because Delight loves rhinos! Because I'll never forget seeing him ride a mechanical rhino once at Mickey Gilley's in Texas. If you've seen Planet Earth you know good and well why... Because they can swivel their ears to hear a sound and they actually need to wallow in mud.
Tartuca He seems to move kind of slow but he always wins.

Those flowers just scream: MATTY!  And because of his sensitive side.  He does seem about as happy as this picture every day. 

Because Ken reminds me of the tortoise and the hare…he is slow but sure! Because like Todd, they are quick to frighten if they feel you have to move slowly around them.
Torre Because he's strong and I wanted him to have one of my favourites. Because he's like an elephant, he's always doing…all of them but Matt, could not show up but Todd would still be there doing the show…
he plods on.

Because he roars like a lion.

Because it's the most perfect match of them all.


Because it's my husbands' high school mascot and I'm doing what I can to make Frank American! Symbol of consistency and durability…borderline boredom.

Because he roars like a lion.

NOTE:  Lou was getting bored of this game. 

Because he's AWESOME - just like Ken!

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