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Reversible Italian Silk Brocade in Garnet & Copper. 

Content: 100% Silk
Horizontal Repeat: 11"
Width: 54"


Beethoven's father was an abusive alcoholic.  His mother died when he was just sixteen years old, followed shortly by his sister, leaving Ludwig to raise his two younger brothers, due to his father's further descent into alcoholism.  He wanted to study with Mozart, but Mozart died a year before Beethoven could get to him so he had to settle for Haydn.  At the age of 26, his hearing started to go.  The "roar" in his ears made it hard from him to perceive music.  It also caused him to avoid conversation.  He moved around a lot, wore dirty clothes, and was rude to people.  He was short, stocky, scarred from smallpox, and ugly, according to traditional ideas of beauty.  By the time he was 32, he was considering suicide.  He was attracted to women he couldn't have because they were either married or aristocratic.  He had only one lover in his life, also ultimately unattainable, for whom he wrote "Immortal Beloved." 


It was maybe at this point that redemption began to show itself as Beethoven turned increasingly from depression to creation.  Despite the trials and sufferings that plagued his life, Beethoven, instead of continuing to focus on all that was wrong, turned to all that was right about himself. 


Regarded as one of the greatest composer in the history of music, Beethoven gave us not only some of the prettiest pieces ever written, but maybe more importantly, the realization that no excuse is good enough to justify not doing exactly whatever it is you were born to do.


If you choose to order a swatch, please note that all of your swatch costs will be refunded to you with your fabric order within 30 days. We will send you a promo code with your order so that you can process your refund yourself when you order your fabric. And we never ask that you return swatches.

Beethoven Italian Silk Brocade - Garnet

  • Content:  100% Silk

    Width:  54"

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