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Soft Striped Satin Silk with raised chain stripes.

Content: 100% Satin Silk
Horizontal Repeat:  1.5"
Width: 54"


An unassuming neon eighth note hung in the modest Peachtree Street storefront window and above that, one word:  Zazu's, also in neon.  Thursday through Sunday night you would see the silhouette of a black baby grand and a man giving it all he had. 


I couldn't wait to be old enough to go inside, so sure was I that I had found my own piano own Billy Joel.  I moved to Atlanta to go to college so I could make Zazu's my own.  One of the best decisions I've ever made. 


The piano player was Danny Staggs.  I would sit at the piano, put what I had in the tip jar and beg for Billy Joel, the hard, obscure stuff that no one else was familiar with or wanted to hear.  But he would pound out Stiletto for me and then take a break...partly to rest his hands but mostly in hopes the other patrons would forgive and forget. 


I didn't understand then about show business.  But now I understand that it was foolish to want this grand piano player to be someone else for me.  I had found my piano own Danny Staggs...not like anyone else. 


That was 20 years ago.  Danny is still playing today in a piano bar in Atlanta, Thursday through Sunday...there for you to discover.  And when you do, tip well.  And just let him play.


If you choose to order a swatch, please note that all of your swatch costs will be refunded to you with your fabric order within 30 days. We will send you a promo code with your order so that you can process your refund yourself when you order your fabric. And we never ask that you return swatches.

Zazu's Satin Silk - Gold and Platinum

  • Content:  100% Silk

    Width:  54"

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